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Aph Poland paperchild by chakramqueenCMS Aph Poland paperchild :iconchakramqueencms:chakramqueenCMS 4 0 dorks with shades by chakramqueenCMS dorks with shades :iconchakramqueencms:chakramqueenCMS 1 0 New magical girl OCs by chakramqueenCMS New magical girl OCs :iconchakramqueencms:chakramqueenCMS 1 0 Aph Estonia Approves by chakramqueenCMS Aph Estonia Approves :iconchakramqueencms:chakramqueenCMS 5 0
Romanada: Apology Coffee
idk i guess i wanted them to meet by mattie losing his cool and then they bond over stupid overshadowing brothers. also a bit of that headcanon that lovi mattie and gil ditch meetings. i have like 2 fics i should be writing so what to i do? i write another haha whoops
The world meeting had gone, as usual, horribly off-topic. Unless, of course, one considered bickering for the sake of bickering a suitable reason to bring all the nations of the world together.
Romano had had enough, though he didn’t want to show it. He didn’t want to be likened to a certain potato bastard who was known to lose his cool for the sake of the meeting. Instead, Lovino Vargas, personification of South Italy, co-representing Italy itself, decided that as soon as he was certain nobody saw him, he would slip out the door because anything is better than listening to those bastards fighting over the same old things, dammit.
His stupid fratello was too busy bothering that ger
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Happy belated Halloween! by chakramqueenCMS Happy belated Halloween! :iconchakramqueencms:chakramqueenCMS 2 6
Hetalia- Five Guys {AmericaxReader}
It’s the last class of the day, AP Calculus, and boy did _____ want to leave. She was always either sleeping with her head down or staring at all the integrals and derivatives trying to comprehend the mess of math she normally understood very well. Either way, the bell couldn’t ring soon enough. Her classmates were nice enough, but groupwork is a chore and hardly ever produced helpful results.
Her friend Francis who was sitting behind her poked her shoulder.  “Hey ____, what’s integral e to the x?” he said while trying to force back a snicker. She thought about it then wrote it out on her paper, earning a snort from the Frenchman. She looked down to see what could easily be read as the word ‘sex’.
“Wow mon Cherie, I didn’t think you’d actually do it!” He made out between laughs. The girl simply rolled her eyes. “Way to be mature Franny (yes you call him that to annoy him), and in case you were wondering, the a
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Word  (or gangsta roxas) by chakramqueenCMS Word (or gangsta roxas) :iconchakramqueencms:chakramqueenCMS 7 12 Canada /Visiting/ USA by chakramqueenCMS Canada /Visiting/ USA :iconchakramqueencms:chakramqueenCMS 0 0
RoWen Not while I'm Around
It started as a mutual babysitting job. Wendy had promised Alzack and Bisca she’d look after Asuka while they were on a job fighting a monster called the tomb parasite that was terrorizing a town graveyard over the mountain. Romeo had to guard Levy for Gajeel who was spying for the master once again. At first Levy protested to the idea she couldn’t defend herself, but when it was known she was wanted to decipher an evil curse for a dark guild, she relented. He told her to stay in the guild as long as possible, and as he sauntered out the door he called, “And Romeo, when she’s ready to leave, make sure you escort her to Lucy’s house, or there’ll be hell to pay!
The evening started out calm, Wendy used wind magic to play with Asuka as she tossed her up into the air. “Wheeeee!” she squealed, giddy and carefree. Wendy couldn’t help but return the grin. Levy looked up briefly from her latest book, and a small smile escaped
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...that it's not shootin' at YOU by chakramqueenCMS ...that it's not shootin' at YOU :iconchakramqueencms:chakramqueenCMS 1 4 KingPUN Hearts by chakramqueenCMS KingPUN Hearts :iconchakramqueencms:chakramqueenCMS 0 19 Ma chaks by chakramqueenCMS Ma chaks :iconchakramqueencms:chakramqueenCMS 2 9 Love + Support for Spirit Day! by chakramqueenCMS Love + Support for Spirit Day! :iconchakramqueencms:chakramqueenCMS 2 3 A What Butler? by chakramqueenCMS A What Butler? :iconchakramqueencms:chakramqueenCMS 6 3
Black or White CH. 2
Everyone was lining up to go in. Since my last name is Warbler, I'm always last. Anyone can see that's a perfect set up for running away or abduction. But I wasn't the type to run away, just hide in a corner. Then, I was shy and obedient. Now, not so much.
Just after the girl before me went through the door they nabbed me. One moment I'm about to walk into the classroom, the next I'm in a black vortex of, I don't know what, perhaps antimatter, with thin strands of green.
I can't say I saw much of the in-between but it probably was what I now realize can only be the dark corridor, forbidden to all and thus hardly known. That doesn't stop Zaranell. It never had, if anything, it motivates her; gives her the insatiable desire to fulfill its mysteriously foreboding deeds. Her only wish is to rebel against her mother and twin; to be everything they're not. I think this came from when they were identical and she was mistaken for the one who was her dead opposite, distinguishing her true self
:iconchakramqueencms:chakramqueenCMS 2 0


KH: All Foreteller Designs: Video Link Below by BurningArtist KH: All Foreteller Designs: Video Link Below :iconburningartist:BurningArtist 38 4
Sweden x Reader - Exactly What You Wanted
A soft giggle pulls your attention back to your friend and away from your crush, who you have been staring at for the last few minutes.
“Come on, you need to tell him that you like him!” Tino announces and you smile sheepishly.
“Yeah, I know, but...those rumors…” You trail off, him nodding with understanding.
“Those ones that say that he’s not straight?” You nod and Tino smiles sympathetically at you, “Well, I have a feeling he might swing both ways.”
You perk up in response and Tino laughs softly at the way your eyes brighten, “Are you sure?” You ask quietly, the hope sounding in your voice.
“I’m fairly certain. But the only way to find out…” Tino starts teasingly, letting you finish.
“...Would be to ask him myself.”
His eyes sparkle in response and he nods, “Exactly! Do you have a plan as to how you’ll do it?”
You nod shyly and he nearly giggles in response, &
:iconaprillilypegasi:AprilLilypegasi 27 4
Centipeedle by Night-of-Void Centipeedle :iconnight-of-void:Night-of-Void 116 7
Camping Trip - Belarus x Fem!Reader
With a sigh of relief, you removed the heavy pack you’d been carrying, and dropped it down on the grassy ground.
“This looks like as good a place as any to set up camp,” you thought out loud. “What do you think, Natalya?”
Natalya simply nodded in response, placing her pack down next to yours. You weren’t exactly sure why you decided to go camping with your girlfriend, Natalya, over the weekend. But there were plenty of nice places to camp near where you lived, and you were both quite bored, so why not? You both travelled to a nice clearing in the woods just out of town, where you were now setting up camp.
The sun had already begun to set by the time you two finished setting up your tent, and now you two sat by a campfire Natalya had lit.
“Alright, I’ve got graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows,” you listed as you rummaged through your pack. “So, how about we make some s’mores?”
Natalya raised an eyebrow.
:iconlemurgavel:LemurGavel 57 14
Warrior!Sweden x Reader - In Suione Lands(Part 12) by JayAllTheWay Warrior!Sweden x Reader - In Suione Lands(Part 12) :iconjayalltheway:JayAllTheWay 46 27
BTLG - Wolfish Desire - Germania x Reader
You let out a strangled noise of pain.
White hot agony shot up from somewhere in your half-conscious body.
Thinking you were still at home on your comfy couch you tried to fidget when you found your body was moving on its own.
Eyes snapping from their drooping state you at last saw your body being dragged. Highly confused and disoriented you kicked only to receive the most horrendous pain imaginable.
Stiffening you dared your eyes to look ahead to see a wolf.
The wolf stared at you with sickly yellow eyes and continued to growl.
Looking down to its mouth you saw your ankle bitten and bloody. Turing your attention back to it, you saw the wolf still trying to drag you to who knows where.
Screaming and determining to put up at least a fight before you got eaten, you grabbed for any tree root that would give you leverage to be away from the beast’s mouth.
To your right side you saw an exposed tree root tha
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 272 76
Call_upon_Darkness by blackenedkrono Call_upon_Darkness :iconblackenedkrono:blackenedkrono 210 10 Xion quick drawing by MarinaUrsa Xion quick drawing :iconmarinaursa:MarinaUrsa 9 5 Friends by Sora-Noel Friends :iconsora-noel:Sora-Noel 69 9 .:aph:. happy birthday NA brothers! by neruskie .:aph:. happy birthday NA brothers! :iconneruskie:neruskie 215 49 .:kh:. no one would miss me by neruskie .:kh:. no one would miss me :iconneruskie:neruskie 94 9 Kids Next Door by xeternalflamebryx Kids Next Door :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 313 85 In Training by Cristina37 In Training :iconcristina37:Cristina37 17 0 Roxas by Akemi0825 Roxas :iconakemi0825:Akemi0825 5 3 Brothers! by Unibat Brothers! :iconunibat:Unibat 122 2 No Hero by Bluemisti No Hero :iconbluemisti:Bluemisti 29 2


chakramqueenCMS's Profile Picture
United States
I'm a fan of a lot of things like:
Adventure Time, Artemis Fowl, Ava’s Demon, ATLA/LOK, Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, Chronicles of Narnia, Clamp(Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, xxxHolic), Disney/Ghibli, Doctor Who, Epic(the movie), Fairy Tail, Free!, FMA(B), Gurren Lagann, Harry Potter, HETALIA, Homestuck, Hunger Games, Inkheart trilogy, Kingdom Hearts, LOTR/The Hobbit, Matched trilogy, MLP, Monster Pulse (webcomic), Monster High, OHSHC, Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt, Paranatural (webcomic), PJO/HOO/Kane Chronicles, Pokemon, ROTG, Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series(The Alchemist, the Magician...), Septimus Heap, SNK, Soul Eater, Star Wars, Steven Universe, The Unicorn Chronicles(coville), Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun(My Little Monster), TWEWY, WTNV
Around a month ago, my old phone with my old KHuX account stopped working. I have a new one and everything's ok but I haven't been able to get my old account restored on my my new phone. I never attached it to facebook and both times I sent a request to square enix support, they had done their best, but couldn't find it with all the info i gave it. They did say f I could send them my old account player id number, they could do it, but that's the one thing I can't remember.

This series has been very important to me for many years and it would mean a lot if I could get my account back, not only because of the medals and avatar parts, but also the level I got to that I was very proud of.

Unfortunately, I have no way of accessing my old account number as the only place any screenshots with it is my old broken phone's memory. BUT if someone who was in my party saw this and could login and look at my profile and send me my id number, I'm sure it would work.

I don't remember whether my party was actually full or not but I have tried to find it with my new account (where the only way is through join a party) and I couldn't find it. 

However, in the slight chance that one out of the 29 or less members of my party somehow get this, here's my info to look up:

My old name was: ChakramQ

Union: Unicornis

Party: Le Pôff  (the o had a symbol on top, I think it was a circumflex but im not positive)

Party Leader: Crimmy

We always ranked lowly within the unicornis party(I was by far the most active member before my phone broke), so if you would like to try to look for it where you are, you can probably use the bronze ranking to filter.


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